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Scott scott at
Wed Jul 30 23:01:31 CEST 2008

Sean Moss-Pultz wrote:
> On 7/30/08 Daniel Benoy wrote:
>> Also, would the openmoko design team be willing to consider a  toggle 
>> in the configuration menu between manual and automatic?
> What we want is for people to add their own configuration options to 
> menus in the form of packages installable from the "Installer". This is 
> why we remove functionality. So we can focus on how to make sure our 
> products are extensible.

This seems like a bullshit answer to me. Taking functionality away 
doesn't improve the FR. It makes it less useful. Are you guys deaf or 
something?  Haven't you hear the screams from the people who plonked 
down their cold hard cash for your product about this reduction in 

Or are you just so damn arrogant you think its your way or the highway?

If the functionality was there and you felt it should be an option, YOU 
should have made it one!  But thats not what you did. You made it 
difficult for a programmer to temporarily bring it back, and no way to 
make it a user selectable option.



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