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> Xavier Cremaschi ha scritto:
> > I am currently using Qtopia on Freerunner as my main/daily phone, but
> > could someone tell me if ASU would be usable too ? What will I loose (in
> > usability/functionality) with ASU ?
> Well, I'm trying to do that but it's not easy... Actually I neither can
> make my freerunner ring on calls (just vibrate installing the
> ringprofiles packages). I've made a script for that (that reads the
> modem output, but it's not exactly what we whould expect from a daily use
> :P
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I have been using a FreeRunner with ASU as my main phone for the past couple
of weeks and it has been working out well once I managed to find the right
combination of kernel and packages.  It is really fun to show it off to
people and everyone is rather impressed by it.

I haven't used Qtopia yet, so I don't know exactly what features you are
expecting.  For me all the Qtopia applications that come with ASU (Dialer,
Messages and Contacts) work fine along with the finger keyboard, gps,
switching on/off radios (through exposure) and suspend/resume.  The only
basic things I can think you would miss would be GUI managers for Bluetooth
devices, GRPS settings and wifi connections (ASU does come with Campwifi but
it is very basic).

Overall I have been very impressed with ASU and I think it will be a great
platform once the first release is out.  Since it is in such heavy
development flux right now, it took a bit of experimenting to find the right
combination of updates and filesystem/kernel images to get all the primary
features working.  I will try getting a link to my current image up shortly
if anyone wants to play around with it.
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