So what should I learn and develop for?

Matthew Lane malane at
Thu Jul 31 04:33:26 CEST 2008

Gothnet wrote:
> As a newcomer to the Openmoko scene, I've started to notice that there are a
> lot of different firmwares out there, some from Openmoko and some from other
> places.
> I'm a C programmer by trade with almost a decade of commercial experience,
> mostly in server/backend stuff. I want to start looking at Openmoko and the
> FreeRunner but  I'm now not sure which frameworks, firmwares and library
> sets I ought to be looking at.
> What's the "stable" openmoko distribution?
> Should I start working against Qtopia as it's got a wider device base and
> (probably) a larger community?
> I must admit I like the idea of making debian workable, but from the
> distributions page that looks like it has a long way to go before I'd get a
> workable phone out of it.
> What's the state of play guys?
 From my (little) experience it seems that Qtopia is by far the most 
usable (as a phone), and I would say for general end-user (if you can 
even find just average end-users yet!) they are using Qtopia.  2007.2 
mostly seems to house developers, and I see a lot more power and 
potential from the 2007.2 framework, but personally I think Qtopia is 
the most stable.

It looks like future frameworks are heading towards the ASU or FSO?  I'm 
not really sure, although ASU seems to be a "merge" of 2007.2 and 
Qtopia, so perhaps that direction is what you're looking for?

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