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Charles-Henri Gros charles-henri.gros+openmoko at
Thu Jul 31 05:28:20 CEST 2008

Marek Lindner wrote:
> On Thursday, 31. July 2008 05:24:45 Josh Monson wrote:
>> Or is Sean saying that this would be an option if it was in the form of
>> a package, so if the package was built (by the community) then you would
>> have the choice to toggle or not to toggle? I am assuming that
>> functionality was removed so that it can be an installable option and
>> not a default.
> Bingo !  :-)

This might be a desirable goal, but people don't like it if they have to
spend days writing the package that's required to bring the
functionality back (which so far no one has even tried doing apparently)

I don't think anyone would have complained if you had created that
package yourself (since, presumably, you're well qualified to do it) and
made it available on the standard repo.

Right now the way to bring the keyboard back is to dig into the wiki,
decompile a theme, modify it, recompile it. A bit harder than installing
a package.

So: pretty please, could you create a package to add the option? Could
you, in the future, when you remove functionality (to make it
"optional"), create a package to get the functionality back? Or at least
warn in advance that such a package is needed, so that the community can
build the package if you don't have time?



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