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Yaroslav Halchenko at
Thu Jul 31 06:20:42 CEST 2008

Hi All Openmoko-ers,

I've suggested at some moment having a copy of so that
we could drag it along. So -- here it is ;-)

Due to the intriguing idea of tiddlywiki, few additional plugins, and
rapid replies and development from Martin Budden who crafted a mediawiki
import plugin for tiddlywiki and made a seed for wiki.openmoko,
now we can enjoy

which provides you with a wiki in a single html file (thus you can
simply save it to your harddrive or directly into openmoko phone,
and you could also obtain it from alioth's file release system...
current version is at

Martin crafted prefeeding seeds for wiki, I also preliminary populated
it already with some common articles (the least I could do ;-)).  If you
see a link which is in italic, if you click it, it would automatically
fetch the original article, thus if you save the file (click on "save
changes"), it will stay there until forever (or whenever you remove
it or until it got modified on sync).

Images are displayed directly from the original
since it would otherwise blow up the openmokowiki.html too much if they
got embedded.

Also there is a way to fetch lots of articles at once but I wouldn't
even describe on how to do it (in 2 or 3 clicks) since I think the best
scheme to use it is simply populate it with most popular and useful
articles (not just everything).

So what do you say? is it useful or is it bogus? Current version is at
alpha state and there are more of issues to be fixed, but that is just a
testing version to get filling ;)

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