Updating freerunner to latest snapshot (WAS: Re: )

Robert William Hutton rwh at helms-deep.cable.nu
Thu Jul 31 07:06:08 CEST 2008

Lynn Nguyen wrote:
> Where do you guys get your snapshots? I think I would like to just 
> reflash the openmoko. These are the steps I originally took... Does 
> anyone know if I am actually doing it right?

What I did was flash my freerunner to the latest milestone, from here:


Instructions here:


Then upgraded all the packages:

# this has to be done on the terminal on the openmoko
opkg update
opkg upgrade dropbear &

# this can then be done from ssh
opkg upgrade

Note that currently this clobbers your kernel, so you need to restore it 
by getting the latest kernel from here (or similar, newer place):


It'll be called uImage-2.6.24<something>-om-gta02.bin

Then follow these instructions to flash it onto your freerunner:


Once you've done all this, you'll have the latest root filesystem with 
the latest kernel.  But don't do an opkg upgrade again until the kernel 
package problems are sorted out.

> I noticed that on this, the time is never right, could it be because of 
> the images I got? Where can get the correct images if this is the case?


> Also, where do people get their ipkg feeds? Like, what sources are 
> listed in your /etc/ipkg.conf and /etc/ipkg/*.conf files?

Just the default here, works fine.


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