WIKI still a POS

BrendaWang brenda_wang at
Thu Jul 31 09:20:03 CEST 2008

As Sean said , I really need more time to improve wiki .

1.Test cases is for Openmoko test team. I put it on main page , let them 
easy to find that. (That's why ). Yes, 90% of users won't use this link. 
I will discuss with our test team. Change the link to somewhere else.
2.Yes, from the very beginning , Software link, linked to Software 
category page, now , it link to Developer Guide. This page's aim is 
helping those new developer who want to join develop Softwares.
Actually , in wiki , we had many page is talking about the software they 
want to share with others, I will make a link for them also.
3.My original idea is "HARDWARE" collect all page related to hardware. 
Neo 1973 and FR is alos belong to hardware. Actually , I want wiki have 
sub menu functions, just like drop down menu, or menu tree. That will do 
great help (I am survey now ).


Scott ??:
> The OM Wiki is still a prime example of 'How not to do a Wiki".
> a few easy example on the main page.
> 1.) On the main page is a link for "Test cases", Why is this on the 
> main page? Its useless to 90% of the users and should be under 
> Development.
> 2.) There is a "Software" link that leads you the "Developer Guide"??? 
> WTF?
> 3.) There is a "Hardware link" and the 1973 & FR links. Why? Both the 
> 1973 & Fr pages have their respective hardware links on their pages. 
> Its a classic misdirection.
> It looks like Openmoko wants the Neo to fail, because if the main 
> source for information on how to operate the phone is this WIki, its 
> doomed.
> Isn't there supposed to be some new "Wiki Editor" force around that 
> was going to fix things?
> Scott
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