Freerunner not charging?

Marcel "MadJo" de Jong mdejong at
Thu Jul 31 13:44:22 CEST 2008

Hello all,

I got my Neo Freerunner yesterday in the mail (yay!). 
After turning it on, I plugged in the wall-charger.
I saw no leds turn on, but I did see the icon in the screen change from a
green battery to a battery with a lighting icon in it. So I figured it was
The same was true when I plugged in the USB cable to connect it to my
computer. No LEDs blinking or burning, but it did show the battery icon with

However, when I unplugged it this morning, after a few seconds being green,
the battery icon became red. Which led me to believe that it wasn't charged.
So I left it at home, tethered to the wallcharger.

I did reflash the device a few times last night. (First a version of FSO and
later a version of Scaredycat) Not sure if that's relevant.

But now my questions:
1) should there be a led indicating it's charging?
2) and is it normal for the icon to appear red after it had a chance to
charge overnight? (about 7hrs of charge time)
3) or should I leave it in longer for the first time?

Marcel "MadJo" de Jong
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