Questions: Daily Use, Community stability?

Shawn Thompson mokowatch at
Thu Jul 31 13:47:59 CEST 2008

Hello Community,
   This is my first time starting a new thread in the mailing list and I
felt that before investing $400 on something I should really think it out
and ask a few questions. I will start with the questions regarding use as a
day to day device. I need a minimum of two things from a phone: the ability
to make and receive phone calls reliably and the ability to send and receive
SMS messages reliably. From what I have read this is not always the case
right now. If someone can verify that they have been using the device for
this purpose for a matter of time I would really appreciate that. I have
been waiting, patiently, for almost 3 years for this phone, since about the
time that the 1973 sold out for the last time. I really do want to purchase
a freerunner but unless I will be able to make it work as a phone I think I
may be tied to my low end POS samsung t409 for the time being.

  My second set of questions revolve around the recent storms brewing in the
community list. There has been a lot of fighting going on over ONE feature,
the toggle option on the keyboard. Personally I would prefer to toggle mine
myself but I am NOT going to get into arguments over that right now. What I
would like to know is that if a major usability problem is reported by
members of the community that we will not be placing information upon deaf
ears. I am NOT a programmer but I love playing with anything Linux so the
freerunner really looks like it would be fun to have. So long as I know that
major problems (echo, the GPS issue, keyboard toggle option, etc) are going
to at least be heard I will be willing to take some minor usability problems
while a resolution is in the works.

Thank you for taking the time to read and respond.

-Shawn Thompson
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