Freerunner not charging?

arne anka openmoko at
Thu Jul 31 14:23:11 CEST 2008

>> 1) should there be a led indicating it's charging?
>> nope.
> Ok, then I don't have to worry about that. (would be nice to have though)

well, you can fiddle with /sys/, but it does not work reliably.

> But wasn't it so that the freerunner can't recharge the battery if it's
> completely empty?

yeah. that's what makes the bug so ... dear.

>> did you flash your u-boot, too?
>> what image (rootfs, kernel) do you use right now?
> Yes, I flashed the uboot, the kernel and rootfs.
> Uboot is:
> (u-boot-gta02v5-1.3.1+svnr4297+gitb29661fc1151077776454288051bc9a488351ce8-r3.bin)

boy, i hope these things get a humand readbly name soon.
maybe andy cann say from looking at what birthday this thing has.

> Rootfs is:
> (scaredycat-openmoko-devel-image-om-gta02.jffs2)
> And I believe (but I can only check that when I get home tonight) that I
> used this for the uImage:
> uImage-2.6.24+git20080507-r0-om-gta02.bin

i'd think rootfs and uImage should match -- else you might get annoying  
effects with modules not loading (the uImage only flashes the boot-area,  
if the kernel of uImage and the kernel/modules of rootfs do not match,  
things may not work as expected).

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