Where is FSO Milestone 2 for FreeRunner

Andreas Bogk andreas at andreas.org
Thu Jul 31 14:49:20 CEST 2008

Maciej Piechotka schrieb:
> 1. On http://downloads.openmoko.org/framework/milestone2/ there is no jffs2
> image for FreeRunner. Is there any?

There's a .jffs2.summary file, which is the one you're supposed to use.

Summary is a jffs2 feature that improves performance.  For more 
information, see http://www.inf.u-szeged.hu/jffs2/mount.php .

> 2. Can I expect that I'll be notified by system if I'll recive an SMS or I need
> to wait on M3?

There's no notification yet.  The focus of M2 is on the framework APIs, 
the UI (zhone) only does a minimum, and is more to be understood as an 
example of using the API.


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