Freerunner not charging?

Scott scott at
Thu Jul 31 14:51:03 CEST 2008

Marcel "MadJo" de Jong wrote:
> Hello all,
> However, when I unplugged it this morning, after a few seconds being green,
> the battery icon became red. Which led me to believe that it wasn't charged.
> So I left it at home, tethered to the wallcharger.

Same thing happened to me yesterday, I have the latest stable 2007.2 
installed.  Haven't touched uboot.

FR was on a 500ma charger all night.  While driving to Albuquerque, I 
turned it on verified it was booting and set it down while it booted. 
Picked it up 5 minutes later and it was off?  Thats odd I thought?

Then it wouldn't turn on.  I plugged it into my car charger and it 
started to boot, hmmm....   Set it down for 15 seconds and it was off 
again!!  Now it wouldn't boot on the car charger!  shit!

Got home, plugged it into the wall charger and it turned on and booted 
up! WHew!!!  Batter icon showed low red level. I charged it for a few 
hours and it then showed full....

I have noticed that sometimes when I plug it in the icon doesn't change 
to the lightning bolt!  Stays green.  Why is that?  Update problem?


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