WIKI still a POS

Daniel Benoy daniel at
Thu Jul 31 16:05:55 CEST 2008

I think we should take a lesson from Gentoo's wiki and make a big page with all the howtos.  Also, how about this kind of structure?:

'Getting Started' or 'What are open phones?'
(Or 'What are open palmtops?' might be better)

'Community & Events'


'HOWTO Index'
\->etc etc. (Categorized, or bareing tags in their titles, based on what hardware / software they're refering to.  Perhaps bareing a template that says what hardware, what versions it's known to work with, etc etc.)

|->'Neo1973 / Neo Freerunner' (General)
|  |
|  |->'GPS Chip' (Detailed)
|  |->'GSM Modem' (Detailed)
|  \->etc etc.
|->'Treo 650 - Partially Supported'
\->etc etc.

|-> 'OpenMoko' (General)
|   |->'ASU' (Detailed)
|   |->'FSO' (Detailed)
|   \->'2007.2' (Detailed)
|-> 'QTopia for Neo phones'
\-> 'Debian'

'Open Phone Stacks'
|-> 'OpenMoko FSO Specification'
|-> 'Android'
\-> 'QTopia'

I'd love to volunteer to tidy the wiki up.  Also, it might be better to just fork the openmoko wiki and make another one (Since the GNU FDL allows it, and the 'openmoko' URL isn't entirely appropriate if we're talking about Debian+Android running on a Treo, as an example.)  How would all of you feel about that?

P.S. I agree with the sentiment below.  As well, developers and power users with special applications need detailed documentation even on mainstream phones.

On Wednesday 30 July 2008 13:47:08 steve wrote:
> Perfectly put
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> Maybe you are not happy because you think it's just a phone. To me it's a
> complete programmable handheld computer which happens to have a GSM phone
> feature. The phone is a fairly insignificant feature for some of us. If all
> you want is a phone, go to the supermarket, they have really nice ones there
> that don't come with any significant documentation. I use one myself.
> I am trying to develop GPS software for the OM. I have had about 15 minutes
> a day to work on it so far but it's been fun. I don't really care (much)
> about navigation features, I care about data collection.
> The competition is not TangoGPS or Garmin or Tom-Tom or anything OM is
> likely to come out with.
> Therefore documentation is vitally important to me.
> Incidentally I borrowed a friend's T-Mobile SIM card and tried the phone
> feature yesterday. It worked fine (including the documentation).
> Brian
> On Tue, Jul 29, 2008 at 7:20 AM, Steven ** <montgoss at> wrote:
> > A phone that NEEDS documentation is a POS.
> >
> > In my mind, the Neo won't be ready for end-users unless I can give it 
> > to one of my co-workers and they can figure almost everything out 
> > without documentation.
> >
> > -Steven
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