WIKI still a POS

Brian Wilson brian at
Thu Jul 31 19:04:57 CEST 2008

> I'd love to volunteer to tidy the wiki up.  Also, it might be better to just fork the openmoko wiki and make another one (Since the GNU FDL allows it, and the 'openmoko' URL isn't entirely appropriate if we're talking about Debian+Android running on a Treo, as an example.)  How would all of you feel about that?

I agree the front page needs help. I suggest you make a rough draft so
we could look at it and help polish it then swap it in if people think
it looks good. You could call it Draft Main Page or something like

I started tidying it up a few days ago. Hopefully I will make
improvements and not just changes.
Personally this is the only device I am looking at right now so a fork
seems like a bad idea, it would just be another place I'd have to
look. If I felt a need to compare OM with Android I'd prefer to see
information in the OM wiki and links to the appropriate external
Android pages.


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