ASU as daily phone, someone ?

Benedikt Schindler BeniSchindler at
Thu Jul 31 21:09:31 CEST 2008

Jacob Peterson schrieb:
>     I just managed to install ASU so it works fine for all normal phone
>     stuff.  (Call/SMS/Conntacts/GPS/GPRS)
>     I will set up/update a wiki-page for the ASU installation i have done.
> If you do find/start a wiki page let me know, I would be interested in 
> helping with that.

Just for now, my "opkg update && opkg upgrade" is broken.
but i think this is a problem with some packages on the buildhosts. but 
i am not sure yet.
... damm and it looks all so good this morning....

tomorow i am not able to realy go on with that task. ... (sometimes i 
have to work for my money ;) )
but i hope to get on that at the weekend.

Exposure - still broken
Campwifi - now also broken (because of the tryings to get Exposure working)
This seems all to be a problem with the python packages.

When i killed that problems, i will do the rootfs.
But for now i will work on a ASU installing wiki-site at the weekend.
I will give you the link if i managed to write the basic steps i take.

It will be a mix up of these two docs (with some explanations around it): 

cu Beni

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