Project Proposal: Dead man's switch

Yaroslav Halchenko at
Thu Jul 31 19:36:10 CEST 2008

Ha -- actually quite a neat idea imho.

I would extend the list of possible alarms/triggers though from a simple 
touchscreen touch to:

1. another SIM is inserted
2. ran without SIM
3. some monitored application gets killed

and actions (although some of them could be probably coded as generic 
'shell commands'):
* wait until online and send email with current location (if GPS is on), 
registered phoned number, cell location, etc
* or just send an SMS with above msgs if 'in service' ;-)

just in case the phone is lost and then 'tried' with some other SIM ;-)

and I guess such actions could be groupped into logical entities like
"Lost/Stolen phone",
"Death-threatening situation"
with selection of monitored triggers and actions to perform.

but then slowly it might boil to some more generic 'framework' like it 
was discussed on the mailing list few times I believe (automagic switch 
of profiles etc)

Just my few cents ;-)

Diego Fernández Durán wrote:

>  Comments on this "thing" will be appreciated. (and sorry for my bad
> english).
>  -- Diego.

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