Android on Freerunner ... Would it be possible ?

Piotr Duda openmoko at
Sun Jun 1 01:21:55 CEST 2008

Mikko Rauhala pisze:
> Being a VM platform that just happens to run Linux at the bottom,
> probably their jitter will require some work in addition to simple
> recompilation, but shouldn't be an unreasonable amount of work.

I think that it could be more work that it seems at first glance.
Yes, Android is VM platform and yes it runs linux at the bottom, but
AFAIK its native libs (libc for example) is not taken from gnu/linux
as they are.
I read that libc is BSD based and is tuned/modified/completely
rewritten (depending where you read it from) by google... what does
this mean, dont know now yet... I hope that it is not very different
from that what we know....


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