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On Fri, 30 May 2008 09:23:16 -0700 Mike Montour <mail at mmontour.net> babbled:

unsure of that adaptor, BUT my motorola rokr e6 uses a 3.5mm headphone plug
that also has mic support with the 4-pin headphone+mic set that it came with.
this headphone also works on all normal stereo 3.5mm sockets i have tried that
are only audio out (laptop, desktop, mp3 player etc.) and it seems to work on
my n800 too - the mic as well. standard 3.5mm headphones work on my rokr as well
so they seem to have taken a 100% compatible path with this that works all ways
(back and forth). whatever motorola did with the rokr e16 - we should do too as
it works and works well. sure a 3.5mm plug is bigger than 2.5mm - but its in
infinitely more convenient. we're not in the business of making such tiny
phones yet where they are so small we can't fit on a 3.5mm plug... well.. not
yet! :)

> Joerg Reisenweber wrote:
> > B) classic 3.5mm headphones "Walkman(R)" connector, where you have to DIY
> > an adapter for any standard cellphone headset? (or does anybody know of
> > 3.5mm headSET standards or adapters?)
> This one, but with a 4-pin (stereo+mic) format that's compatible with at 
> least 1 major vendor (so that "DIY" means "buy an adapter from a web 
> store" rather than "fire up the soldering iron").
> See for example:
> http://www.meritline.com/earphone-adapter-iphone-into-3-5mm-mic-038.html
> Offtopic gripe - Bluetooth headsets are OK if they work, but so far I 
> have been unable to get my GTA01 to talk to one (it pairs, but I can't 
> get audio through it). I posted a query on device-owners and did not 
> hear any other success stories. I hope that OM has done enough QA 
> testing to guarantee that this is only a Linux software issue and that 
> the Freerunner (at least) will eventually have full BT headset support.
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