Android on Freerunner ... Would it be possible ?

Asheesh Laroia openmoko at
Sun Jun 1 02:46:05 CEST 2008

On Sun, 1 Jun 2008, Piotr Duda wrote:

> Mikko Rauhala pisze:
> [...]
>> Being a VM platform that just happens to run Linux at the bottom,
>> probably their jitter will require some work in addition to simple
>> recompilation, but shouldn't be an unreasonable amount of work.
> I think that it could be more work that it seems at first glance. Yes, 
> Android is VM platform and yes it runs linux at the bottom, but AFAIK 
> its native libs (libc for example) is not taken from gnu/linux as they 
> are. I read that libc is BSD based and is tuned/modified/completely 
> rewritten (depending where you read it from) by google... what does this 
> mean, dont know now yet... I hope that it is not very different from 
> that what we know....

I look forward to installing...

 	Google Android/Linux

...and finally telling RMS I'm running "Linux" on my phone.

-- Asheesh.

Chism's Law of Completion:
 	The amount of time required to complete a government project is
 	precisely equal to the length of time already spent on it.

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