Linux PDA with wifi?

Robert Taylor robtaylor at
Sun Jun 1 04:10:06 CEST 2008

Mike, why not consider using the moko smartphone as a pda?

PDA's aren't that much more powerful than the moko thus you won't really 
be running anything but what you run on the smartphone anyway, plus they 
usually have few connectivity routes, extremely short battery lifespans 
and generally they don't fit in your pocket.

Plus the moko will probably morph to include various smartphone form 
factors so that  you will not just get a smartphone but have access to a 
form factor with maybe a foldout thumb keyboard even?

I would put my bets on the moko as a pda killer personally.

- Rob

Mike wrote:
> If I wanted a PDA the runs linux and has wifi, and gets good battery 
> life, any suggestions?
> And can I run openmoko on it to develop apps, or does openmoko linux 
> need to be on the neo/freerunner?
> thanks
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