Linux PDA with wifi?

Ian Stephen ian at
Sun Jun 1 05:54:23 CEST 2008

On May 31, 2008, Mike wrote:
> If I wanted a PDA the runs linux and has wifi, and gets good battery
> life, any suggestions?

I've got a Nokia N800.  Much less expensive than the N810, but 810 has some 
things 800 doesn't.

Battery life is from 1 day to 1 week or so depending on how I'm using it.
Wifi reception is the best of any device I've used.
2 SD slots that are SDHC compatible so plenty of storage.
Fits a jacket or shirt pocket just fine.

I use GPE calendar, todo, timesheet; camera, gnumeric and Maemopad+ daily.  
PDF viewer occasionally.  Am very happy with it.  Look forward to getting a 
bluetooth keyboard (perhaps iFrog).

One regret is that I didn't put a screen protector on right away.  Now has a 
scratchy feeling place on screen where I write the most.  Oh, and the 
hand-writing recognition works much better for me than Palm's Grafitti 2 

One gotcha to watch for is that Maemopad+ db main table data is lost if the 
device battery runs out with the application open.  In my case I was able to 
recover the db with data from its backup table using a cli sqlite3 client.


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