Private data protection.

Philippe Guillebert phyce at
Sun Jun 1 13:34:32 CEST 2008

Ilja O. wrote:
> Who says that this password will be created by human? Program should
> generate it automatically, shows it to user, user writes (or prints)
> it and saves in piggy bank hoping he will not need it at all.
> This function will be used so rare that there is not point in creating
> rememberable passwords.

And then, when he doesn't have the neo anymore, he have to find where 
the **** he put the code, run to a friend's with the piece of paper, 
"hey can I send an SMS ?", copy 160 random characters from a piece of 
paper with a crappy input method on the friend's phone and hope he 
didn't misspell a single bit of it or the whole process would be useless.

Yeah, sounds very doable...


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