Open Hardware

Lee Grime lee.grime at
Sun Jun 1 14:19:47 CEST 2008

Hello All,

New subscriber, have been lurking for a long time.

Since the idea of Openmoko is to be fully open source, why can we not
have the same for hardware?

My background is in hardware design, specifically FPGA's and ASIC's.
The system on chip used by the NEO's could be designed as open source
making the whole concept even more open!  There already exists a
community for open source IP cores for silicon at  If we
can find enough like minded people we can develop our own SoC for future
freerunners.  You do need to be selling a lot of chips before it makes
financial sense to make your own ASIC, but if enough GTA02's are sold it
could give an idea if this is possible or not.

We can always make a prototype phone with an FPGA for development

What are the communities feelings on this?

Are there any other subscribers with the same background?

I am nothing to do with by the way, but to me it looks
like it is looking for a project to pull everything together and this
would be ideal! 

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