Open Hardware

Joe Pfeiffer joseph at
Mon Jun 2 05:50:34 CEST 2008

Chris Wright writes:
>Openmoko phones are as cheap as they are because they use commodity
>hardware, I'm given to understand. If you wanted a phone with open
>hardware, you'd probably be paying thousands for all the custom
>components. Plus there's testing and certification for various parts,
>which probably is also expensive....
>It's doable, but it'd be harder by far than the OGP. And consider that
>the first card released by the OGP costs $1500, which is two or three
>times the cost of the more expensive commodity cards, while delivering
>less performance (their target is 20fps in Quake 3 at 1280x1024).

See for a
project trying to do this.  Looks like it's been a couple of years
since the web page was updated, though.

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