new iphone

Ilja O. vrghost at
Mon Jun 2 07:08:58 CEST 2008

On Mon, Jun 2, 2008 at 2:21 AM, Christian Benke <benkokakao at> wrote:
> Good evening!
> So who of you is thinking about buying the new iphone instead of an
> openmoko in case the technical specs really improve(3G, better
> resolution)?

Well, first of all, iphone is not sold legally in my country of
living. Then, I do not want to use phone, that requires me to pay for
changing the ring tone. And since I'm myself am a developer, I don't
like to steal software at all (imho that's just not right thing to do
-- to steal something that I'm myself is being paid for).

Imho, freedom is much more valuable than any piece of hardware
(Although I'm not against shareware). And Freerunners' is not so bad.

As for OM, i'll wait till the end of summer. If phone won't be out,
than it's never will be out, so I'll bury OM deep beneath the ground
(let's face it -- there are similar projects, none of them is as open
as OM, but OM is not releasing phone yet).

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