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Michele Renda michele.renda at
Mon Jun 2 07:33:41 CEST 2008

Christian Benke wrote:
> Good evening!
Good morning
> So who of you is thinking about buying the new iphone instead of an
> openmoko in case the technical specs really improve(3G, better
> resolution)?
> I'd love to have a open smartphone, but there are so many compromises
> with the openmoko project(hardware lacks, formfactor,
> unfinished software) and the timing for the release is bad unfortunately
> (on the other side the people interested in openmoko are not
> necessarily interested in the iphone - However, i guess there will be
> some people who drop the idea of buying a moko after next weeks apple
> conference...)
It is so. Freerunner != IPhone. This doesn't mean that Freerunner > 
IPhone or FreeRunner < IPhone.
Are two DIFFERENT products.
Who decide to spend 299 Euro (For who like me live in Italy) to buy a 
GPRS phone, I think he has his reasons to buy it.

I think a person need to buy a Openmoko, another a IPhone, another a 
phone that just call. There is nothing bad.
But personally I don't think that a person that planned to give the 
amount of a house rend (my rent fee < 1 Freerunner) very difficult will 
switch to a Iphone, only after a conference. Because these are two 
different products.
> I feel bad about this decision, i'm not willing to use proprietary
> software anywhere in my environment, neither work nor private, but the
> hardware side of the iphone is presumably better(3G, bigger screen) and
> the software is just _ready_. 
The problem is that now the world don't let to use OUR hardware how we 
want. Or we use the full hardware performance paying with closeness, or 
we have full control of OUR hardware, but we are forced to use reduced 
It is like when we buy a car but someone forbide to open the engine to 
install an air conditioner, or to mount a radio that we like. In new car 
it happen already so, warning you that if you change something without 
their reseller, your warranty will expire. You think that the object is 
your than more in fact is more a rented car.
The same is now with chips. You think that the chips you bought is your, 
but that to know how to use it you have to pay a lot and to sign tones 
of NDA.

> I'm kind of in a dilemma right now, on
> the one hand i know i'll hate the closeness of OSX at some point (Just
> like it happened with Windows 7 years ago) and would love to be able to
> do what i want with my smartphone, on the other hand i'm not a
> developer (i do some scripting but i'm far from any serious software
> hacking) and i don't have the skills to fix annoying bugs and will have
> to wait another few months till the software is in a useable state
> and a freerunner could get a expensive toy for me if development is not
> accelerating as fast as i expect it to after the release :-(
Openmoko will give you with a running, tested and ready firmware for 
basic usage. It is the GTK version of their application. A new software 
will come when ready, that will improve a lot of things. But for now it 
is not yes usable.
> I guess the freerunner will not get available in the next week so i can
> still decide, probably i'm lucky and all the speculations about the
> iphone are untrue(only 3G is not a (OM-)dealbreaker for me) ;-)
> My favourite would still be a Nokia E70 with a useable linux-OS, i
> just loved the gullwing formfactor - if just Symbian wasn't such a
> crutch, and a bit more RAM would also not hurt on the E70...
I think I explained well my point of view. In every case don't feel down 
if you decide for IPhone. This only mean to satisfy your need IPhone is 
better for you. I used it and it is nice. But Freerunner is (for me) 
something realy different, and I prefer to spend my money is it than in 
a IPhone. World is nice because every person is free to choose what he want.

Good choose :)

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