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Robert Taylor robtaylor at
Mon Jun 2 08:02:05 CEST 2008

On Mon, Jun 2, 2008 at 2:21 AM, Christian Benke <benkokakao at> 
>> Good evening!
>> So who of you is thinking about buying the new iphone instead of an
>> openmoko in case the technical specs really improve(3G, better
>> resolution)?
If you are willing to exchange your freedom for a few beads, then you 
don't deserve freedom.

Remember, choices today will reap you rewards tomorrow.

In a strange way it's like the allegory in the Matrix trilogy - the jail 
is beautiful, comfortable and warm, freedom is harsh, unforgiving and cold.

But in the end, a jail is still a jail and a slave is still a slave.

This ultimately is the choice you must make - stand with the free and 
die trying or enjoy your jail and die a slave.


Note: Yes, it's a bit melodramatic on the surface, but I think we can 
all start to feel the undertow of a lot of political, social and 
philosophical movements once again under way globally.  I have this 
uneasy feeling that our choices around freedom just may have much more 
significant implications that we realize right now.

Apologies for bringing politics into essentially technological forum.

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