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Christian Benke benkokakao at
Mon Jun 2 11:44:19 CEST 2008

> Note: Yes, it's a bit melodramatic on the surface, but I think we can all
> start to feel the undertow of a lot of political, social and philosophical
> movements once again under way globally.  I have this uneasy feeling that
> our choices around freedom just may have much more significant implications
> that we realize right now.

Yes, all off you guys are absolutely right. Its only the temptation to
have a fully working product for the same money, pure end user view.
But of course that's not what openmoko is about at the current state.
Yesterday i was playing with an iPhone and i just thought "It works,
very responsive, and the browser is usable, and it has multitouch, and
there will be an even better version soon", shiny and complete. Evil
temptation of "Do want" ;-)
But of course there are all of your arguments, proprietary software
just doesn't feel right, it is stained, i'll always be missing
something, not only metaphorically due to the political and
philosophical constraints and the bad conscience that comes with it -
with OSS you have so much more options to get involved in the
development of a product and give feedback, also if you are not a
programmer, and if you don't give the feedback, someone else will have
done it already. The user is the major part of OSS, not a company with
marketing ideas is the strong drive behind decisions but the whishes
of the people that are using it.
Oh, and not to forget the choice - people are not homogenized - "We
have created the software this way and this is the right way, you
can't dislike it, obey" doesn't happen, hundreds of people create and
recreate the software to reflect their individual choice and it's much
more likely that one of the choices also comes close to your needs(I
love fluxbox for instance). And there is still the option to change it
your way if you know how.

Well, in the end i guess i'll just wait a few more months and see how
openmoko evolves, i don't really need a solution right now, currently
it would only be a matter of convenience(Mobile mail, maps, http). In
a year i plan to go travelling for a long time and i will really need
a mobile communication solution, and the more customizable it is, the
better. I hope till then there will be a OSS-solution where i don't
have to think quadruple about the drawbacks and compromises(I'm one of
those guys that is seeking days for the perfect, minimalistic solution
with the least compromises)

Regards and thanks for the moral backing

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