gsmd correctness question

Bin Chen binary.chen at
Mon Jun 2 15:11:17 CEST 2008

On Mon, Jun 2, 2008 at 9:04 PM, Michael 'Mickey' Lauer
<mickey at> wrote:
> On Monday 02 June 2008 11:34:07 Bin Chen wrote:
>> I am just looking at the code of gsmd2, I doubt whether a condition
>> has been processed. Suppose a command is send but during the wait time
>> of the response, another unsolicited command sent to the AP and the
>> name is the same:
>> +CREG: 2  (1)
>> +CREG: 0,1 (2)
>> The (1) is an unsolicited command from BP side but the (2) is the
>> actual response for the AT+CREG? command, if this case happens, has
>> gsmd2 processed it correctly?
> I don't know about gsmd2 offhand, however in general there are two ways to
> deal with this problem:
> 1.) Disable sending unsolicited responses between commands. There's a 07.07
> command to control that.
> 2.) Allow sending unsolicited responses at all times (this is better for
> latency) and dedicate an own GSM channel for unsolicited responses.

How to? If enable this maybe the 07.10(MUX) must be enabled?


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