Induced hardware issue with 01?

Joachim Steiger roh at
Mon Jun 2 23:45:59 CEST 2008

Lon Lentz wrote:
>   I have an 01BV4, which I may have banged around one too many times.
>   Just started having a problem where if I put a little pressure on
> the back just below the battery, the unit cuts power. I have to remove
> the battery for a minute or two before I can boot it back up. Just
> handling the phone is enough to do this.
>   Has anyone else experienced such an issue? Just curious before I
> pull it apart and start looking for a broken solder joint.

do you have a simcard and a transflash inserted?
if not, try putting something non-conductive like a folded piece of
paper, a corner of a businesscard or a real sim/flash in and test again.

the simcard holder/micro-sd socket used on gta01 was known to be able to
short when pressure is applied, so this is probably a good thing to avoid.



Joachim Steiger
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