Question about future devices (GTA03,04)

Sergey Volkov sgvolk at
Tue Jun 3 05:09:59 CEST 2008

2008/6/3 Joerg Reisenweber <joerg at>:
> I'm not sure about my NDA, but this topic has been around quite some while
> now. So mickeyl says "it's about evolution, not revolution". GTA03 -the
> recycled name- (which I'm working on the electric schematics of the device
> right now) is an improved version of GTA02 (if plans don't change ;), fixing
> some "bugs"/annoyances/EndOfLive-chips-issues of GTA02/FR (like kicking
> glamo) and introducing some gimmicks not worth (IMHO) to mention in the tech
> specs (mostly design). We will have a 3.5mm audio connector mostly compliant
> to
> <>
> (augmented with some of my weird ideas like stereo line-in, if it pans out)
> and it's our first goal to make a (even more) stable device based on what we
> done so far.
> GTA04 OTOH is about breaking new shores trying to bring exiting new power to
> the Neo line.
> {{to the best of my knowledge this info is not exceeding a summary of what's
> been already published by others in IRC and mailing lists so far. Maybe Sean,
> our boss, likes to give more detail}}
Even if this info has already been published somewhere, it wasn't too
easy to find (esp. all in one piece).
Thank you for a detailed answer.

> Nobody should wait for GTA03 if you decided you like have an 02 (for some of
> the GTA01 owners YMMV).
Well, i generally agree, but those nasty h/w bugs are really
disappointing. I just can't
stand video ram being slower than a typical usb flash drive ): ...

> All this been told to you by some other person ;-). Plans change rapidly
> sometimes. Please don't quote me when you think you have to complain about "I
> dunno".
No doubt (;

> Your hardware development guy
It's really great to have such a person here on this list (:

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