Question about future devices (GTA03,04)

Stroller linux.luser at
Tue Jun 3 05:55:27 CEST 2008

On 3 Jun 2008, at 02:36, Joerg Reisenweber wrote:
> ... GTA03 -the recycled name- (which I'm working on the electric  
> schematics of the device
> right now) is an improved version of GTA02 (if plans don't  
> change ;), fixing
> some "bugs"/annoyances/EndOfLive-chips-issues of GTA02/FR (like  
> kicking
> glamo) and introducing some gimmicks not worth (IMHO) to mention in  
> the tech
> specs (mostly design).
> ...
> GTA04 OTOH is about breaking new shores trying to bring exiting new  
> power to
> the Neo line.

Since you're the guy working the electric schematics of the device,  
can I ask you to consider an FM radio receiver in future iterations,  
please? GTA04 or 05 or whatever. I believe, from a previous post to  
the list, that this is a particularly popular mobile-phone feature in  
India, but my Sony-Ericsson P990i also has this, and I was using it  
today - it's really much underrated.


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