Meta Toolchain Release (2008 May)

Werner Almesberger werner at
Wed Jun 4 00:18:21 CEST 2008

John Lee wrote:
> opkg-target update
> opkg-target install libjana-dev

Sure beats the manual approach :-)

A little while ago, I built a program that uses SDL, and this is what
I came up with:

for n in \
  libsdl-1.2-0_1.2.9-r5_armv4t.ipk libsdl-1.2-dev_1.2.9-r5_armv4t.ipk \
  libsdl-ttf_2.0.3-r0_armv4t.ipk libsdl-ttf-dev_2.0.3-r0_armv4t.ipk \
  libsdl-mixer-1.2-0_1.2.6-r2_armv4t.ipk \
  libsdl-mixer-1.2-dev_1.2.6-r2_armv4t.ipk \
  libasound2_1.0.15-r0_armv4t.ipk libmikmod_3.2.0-beta2-r0_armv4t.ipk \
  libogg0_1.1-r3_armv4t.ipk libvorbis_1.0.1-r2_armv4t.ipk; do
    ar x $n
    ( cd /usr/local/openmoko/arm/arm-angstrom-linux-gnueabi;
      tar --strip-components=2 -xzf -; ) <data.tar.gz
rm *-dev*
scp *ipk

All things considered, not too horrible, but opkg-target will
definitely make such things a lot easier. Thanks !

- Werner

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