using the openmoko neo101 in mass storage mode

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Wed Jun 4 15:52:18 CEST 2008

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Somebody in the thread at some point said:

|> These objections don't really kill mass storage gadget as something to
|> consider, but sharing a filesystem at the network layer just doesn't
|> have these problems and acts like we are used to in normal Linux usage.
|> ~ It's annoying that basically Windows will drive us to decide which way
|> to jump or if to implement both, but there we are.
| Sometimes it's quite inspiring to look to the ways others cope with
the issue.
| Nokia for instance is popping up a requester asking whether you want
to have
| mass storage profile or [fill in any conflicting mode here], then when
| select "mass storage device" it even disconnects GSM and blocks UI
(I've been
| told) - I'd guess they have the same kind of problems and solved them by
| doing what we would call "init 1". And hey, we can do same - no?
| Not cute, but very clean and simple. Probably when you want mass
storage, you
| have to live with solutions like this.

Yes init 1 sounds like the kind of medicine that matches the problem,
but actually doing telinit 1 when you want to share storage is pretty
harsh.  I know it's a bit unfair but imagine if that was how things were
on a Linux laptop.

I agree it's useful to compare with what others do but not to the point
of getting trapped in not being able to consider a novel solution
because "it's not what the others are doing".

There's an alternative network-based stack possible which looks like

~ - Ethernet over USB | Wifi | Bluetooth
~ - NetworkManager
~ - Linux uPnP ( | avahi or similar
~ - cut down Samba

that should deliver almost the same behaviour on Windows, in terms of
plugging it in / connecting to wireless and seeing a new share
available.  This would perfectly happily allow all file management or
streaming without requiring unmounts or killing X.  But nobody is
working on it, and mass storage gadget is relatively easy to enable.

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