Any Stats on Battery life....

Joseph Reeves iknowjoseph at
Wed Jun 4 17:43:06 CEST 2008

I've just conducted some very brief (accidental) battery testing:

I charged my FreeRunner yesterday and unplugged it when I left work
(about 5 PM). it was on "Dim first then lock" power management mode.
Took the phone home with me, left it untouched all evening, came back
to work this morning and left it on my desk.

At about 2 this afternoon I pushed the power button, it came out of
suspend and displayed that the power meter was still green. Note,
during this period the suspend function was working as I'd expect it
to: It goes into that mode and stays off until you push the power
button. The phone was also able to be woken up by calling it.

What usually happens, however, is that the phone randomly wakes itself
up out of suspend mode, shows the screen lock and goes back to sleep.
If you've ever gone to bed with a FreeRunner somewhere in the room,
you'll know that this is very annoying. During this cyclical behaviour
the battery is drained very quickly.

Today, unfortunately, I ran opkg update && upgrade and seem to have
reintroduced this power management bug. Since earlier this afternoon
therefore, the phone has been repeatedly waking itself up and
suspending again. Battery life has drastically suffered as a result.


On 27/05/2008, "Marco Trevisan (Treviño)" <mail at> wrote:
> Joseph Reeves wrote:
> > I did some very rough testing of the FreeRunner battery life today;
> >
>  Oh... Finally some good battery tests!
>  I think they're really good since there's no suspend use at all (that
> should save most of the power).
>  Thanks and keep sending us your good reports! ;)
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