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Andy Powell openmoko at automated.it
Wed Jun 4 22:55:53 CEST 2008

On Wednesday 04 June 2008 18:12, Joseph Reeves wrote:
> Disable javascript and it works much better. I use the NoScript FF
> extension.

Best FF extension imho.

> TinyURL on the other hand... Why would anyone ever use that? I never
> click on links unless I know where they link to. Here's a plan for
> abuse:

tinyurl is useful instead of typing in twattishly long urls which many sites 
insist on using. Generally you don;t want to click on a link provided by 
someone you don't know/trust. Not only that but if I use this url as an 
example - look what your mail client / this mailing list does to it (break it 
on wrap)


it's clearly easier to have


> 1: Discover browser 0-day exploit
> 2: Put up a gallery of FreeRunner pictures on a website
> 3: Point a tinyurl at the gallery
> 4: Wait until everyone's linked to it and is clicking it
> 5: Change gallery to 0-day exploit
> Or even easier:
> 1: Link to goatse.

Right, and any webpage could still redirect your browser to another so your 
example fails.

> TinyURL takes all the best practice Internet guidlines you try and
> teach people and ruins them all. Can't stand it.

and yet you're happy to advocate hotlinking to images, thus leeching 
bandwidth. That's worse imho. 

Andy / ScaredyCat

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