y-cable in action

Brad Midgley bmidgley at gmail.com
Thu Jun 5 03:04:50 CEST 2008


I figured I would share... I cut a mini-usb plug's insulation right
down to the housing and opened the housing to solder the 47k resistor
to the id pin. I cut up a regular usb extension cord to get the Y
part. Everything is wired together except the d+ and d- coming from
the male usb side are left unconnected.

Using a AA usb power supply that can be found for $10 in the US in
walmart--probably not too hard to find elsewhere:


This guy actually seems beefy enough to charge the neo and power a
device. It has a charge pump so it should make good use of the
batteries' full cycle.

And, using the hub that takes AAA rechargable batteries:


I had wanted to do all this without monkeying around inside another
hub, but I did have to modify the battery-powered hub (I cut a trace
and soldered one wire). It's designed to stay off until it gets 5v
from the uplink host, but gta01 doesn't provide that so the hub
wouldn't wake up. It should work unmodified with the freerunner if you
aren't trying to charge the phone from the hub. The resistor should be
left out if you go that route.

I'm unable to test either of these with the verizon 3g/evdo usb
adapter... I don't have access to it this week :(


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