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Andy Powell openmoko at automated.it
Thu Jun 5 14:16:17 CEST 2008

On Thursday 05 June 2008 09:31, Joseph Reeves wrote:
> Yes, you're right, any site can redirect to anywhere else, but if that
> happens and I end up somewhere I don't want to be, I can blacklist
> both the original site and the target. I admit that this may be an
> exercise in futility, but at least it's possible.

True, but if it's a 0 day exploit it's too late. Your example was basically

1. set up a site with stuff people want to look at
2. wait for traffic to build up
3. Change content to 0 day exploit.

I can't see how any of this is tinyul's fault at all. It's not as if you can 
modify the URL you get from tinyurl to point somewhere else - you have to 
modify the content of the site. 

> My personal mail client, and the one I use at work, both handle long
> URLs fine. No need for tinyurl there.

That's great... but not all clients or mailing lists are equal - If you're a 
member of any Yahoo group this will be self evident.

> And no, I never advocated hotlinking to images.

You are correct, that was Chris.. apologies

> Joseph


Andy / ScaredyCat

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