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Thu Jun 5 18:36:54 CEST 2008

I'm sorry if this question is completely ignorant, but I am always seeking
understanding, and my previous understanding is inconsistant with the
discussion here.

I had originally believed 2 things.  First, that AGPS was required by law in
all US cell phones (Possibly elsewhere).  And second, I had believed
that AGPS was simply GPS with "assistence" from triangulating off of the GSM
towers as well.  Meaning, I thought AGPS was a combination of satallite GPS
and the sort of triangulation Google Maps does in the iPhone.

Further, I thought I read a comment somewhere, maybe a year ago, maybe
more, (And I can't find the reference now) to the effect of "because the neo
is required to have an AGPS chip, we will be giving the user access."

And so I guess my question is, is it legal to operate the Neo without AGPS?
And is there more (Or less) functionality coming from the assist portion of
the AGPS?

In all fairness, I have been confused before, and I will be confused again.
I hope my ignorance hasn't opened up a larger can of worms...  Thank you in
advance for your response.
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