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Johan Badenhorst ezuall at
Thu Jun 5 20:40:52 CEST 2008

Hi there,

I was just wandering if there is any plan for how to go about the group
purchase for the London group (Half and half etc.)

Speed is the most important thing for me, so if the logistics are going to
mean that I don't get to play with my freerunner until mid August I might
seriously consider buying through Truebox, which is now saying that they
will start shipping Freerunners mid July for £272.  Now with conversion from
$$$.$$ to £££.££ things never make sense, so I am not sure whether this is a
good price or not (Logic means nothing when converting between currencies).

To summarise:
1.  Is there a plan for London groupsales?
2.  Any idea what the price per unit will be for groupsales in London (or,
will it be better than the Truebox price)?

And finally thanks for the good news!!  Mass Production:  Woohoo!
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