Yummy new CPU/GPU combo

Robert Taylor robtaylor at tinsputnik.com
Thu Jun 5 22:04:27 CEST 2008

You know, you are jokingly commenting about this ...

... but i'm fully setting mine up as a mame emulator.

I think that while initially moko is positioned for the technically 
experienced, I believe we have a device here that can trully do 
something unique - become a portable general computing and gaming device.

Why not?  Why can't we have a moko with a fold out keyboard that can be 
pulled out and replaced with a game pad?

This could seriously set the device apart and interest a lot of homebrew 
and small game shop developers because the playing field is so fair and 
level on this platform.

I think gaming on the moko should be considered a VERY serious 
proposition indeed.

- Robert

Markus Bossert wrote:
> Somehow I just remember how nice Tie Fighter looked on my computer 
> back in 1994 - or 1996? With a full fledged VGA resolution. And 
> gouraud shading.
> Mhmmm.
> If wine happens to run on the om? :-D

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