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> Honestly, if the freerunner did not have VGA screen but QVGA, I would not
> buy it !
But the  freerunner does have a VGA screen and as per information in Steve's
email mass production is about to start/ has started.

The debate is for the GTA03 device that, I believe, will be sold along with
the freerunner and not as its replacement/ next generation (thats GTA04 -
where I wish for WVGA if not SVGA!)

People who want VGA can buy the Freerunner (GTA02) and who wish to pay less
can get GTA03 with QVGA with faster performance. This is good as it will
provide more choices on the OM phone stack and lead to the creation of a
QVGA gui (along with a VGA gui) that will make it easier for OM to be ported
to a number of existing devices also.

Remember Openmoko is not just about having a cool device to show off to
peers but also about opening up the mobile computing world and more the OM
phone stack is used the better.

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