QVGA V/s VGA for GTA03 (was something about yummy CPU-GPU combos!)

thomasg thomas at gstaedtner.net
Fri Jun 6 15:40:53 CEST 2008

To be honest: the VGA screen is the only outstanding piece of hardware in
the Neo.
I owned many mobiles, I've seen screens in all classes (ok, I never was in
japan, so I don't know what these people have) and I really think, that QVGA
is _no_ option at all for a phone with a strong focus on apps and the
In front of me is a Nokia 7710 with HVGA on 3,5" (640x320) that is just
enough to be really usable for many apps and many websites. The iPhone has a
lower resolution (between HVGA and QVGA) and sucks pretty much for browsing
and so on. They compensate it by their zooming-feature with
hardwarerendering (what GTA03 won't have).
I also have some QVGA phones here, luckily most of them on 2" what is ok
(even it's not perfect).

So if you really plan to use QVGA in GTA03 - please make it a
budget-smartphone (<= 200$ e.g.), maybe drop other hardware like wifi to
save costs and bring us _decent_ hardware in GTA04.
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