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> On Fri, Jun 6, 2008 at 2:07 PM, NeoSleg <openmoko at> wrote:
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> > Honestly, if the freerunner did not have VGA screen but QVGA, I would not
> >
> > buy it !
> >
> >
> But the  freerunner does have a VGA screen and as per information in Steve's
> email mass production is about to start/ has started.

no one ever said the freerunner would have anything but vga. i'm asking in
general as we will make decisions of vga vs qvga vs god knows what other
resolutions, screen sizes etc. over time in future devices. i want to know what
people think! :)

> The debate is for the GTA03 device that, I believe, will be sold along with
> the freerunner and not as its replacement/ next generation (thats GTA04 -
> where I wish for WVGA if not SVGA!)

yup! much more like it - maybe not even gta03, maybe gta04/5/6 etc. but i want
to know. convince me vga is incredibly more useful than qvga. convince me you
all have amazing eyesight! :) i am doing this because i am trying to listen to
the community and if given a choice - choose the right way based on what you
guys think, but PLEASE, be practical, and honest. be honest with yourselves.
this is not a "my screen is higher dpi than your screen" competition. it's
about making a nice and usable device you want.

if you ask for vga, but you really can't see the difference between qvga and
vga, you're not being honest. you're just playing the spec numbers game.

> People who want VGA can buy the Freerunner (GTA02) and who wish to pay less
> can get GTA03 with QVGA with faster performance. This is good as it will
> provide more choices on the OM phone stack and lead to the creation of a
> QVGA gui (along with a VGA gui) that will make it easier for OM to be ported
> to a number of existing devices also.
> Remember Openmoko is not just about having a cool device to show off to
> peers but also about opening up the mobile computing world and more the OM
> phone stack is used the better.

yup. and one day we may have a miniature phone that is the size of a coin and
have a qvga screen on it. we will need to work with it, so a qvga phone at any
time is not a bad idea.

but as i said - i'm just looking to see what people think. and why. i'm very
interested in "why". why is a vga screen so important? can you REALLY see all
the pixels? can you REALLY read an 8-point font on that screen at that size?
(be honest!). from what i notice of people such a font is just a blurry mess to
them and they are always increasing font sizes to be able to read anything,
thus why spend so many pixels on it? but if you really can see that well - it
does make sense. at least if u are always looking at static content. i content
moves/animates, it's useless again.

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