resolution preferences??

Michael michael at
Fri Jun 6 19:26:19 CEST 2008

On 06/06/08 06:39:05, Carsten Haitzler wrote:
> we can just drive the vga screen at qvga. no need for scaling - just 
> change the output at the lcd controller level. but it is a waste to 
> pay for a vga screen when we won't use it. also it does look 
> "blocky". it isn't about glamo or not - it's separate to glamo 
> entirely. simply - how important is a vga screen... really? how many 
> people out there can really see the difference? be really honest. 
> stop thinking "my specs are bigger than your specs". scan u REALLY 
> see all the pixels on a vga screen of that size. i bet to most people 
> its all a blur - a qvga screen looks identical to them. only to a 
> minority who have very good eyesight does it really make a 
> difference, but this is just my "bet". i'm asking the question - and 
> hoping for real honest answers.
When I first saw the Neo's screen I was amazed by how crisp the 
graphics were and the shine on the Openmoko logo looked real to me. The 
first thing I tried was the terminal (of course) and I was happy that 
the text could be zoomed, and was still readable. I am short sighted 
and have seen the graphics on the iPhone and they seemed ok, but this 
is the first phone display that I have been impressed with.


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