Cleared to start Mass production #2

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Fri Jun 6 22:31:11 CEST 2008


However please note that there are painful steps ahead. None of them
technical, all logistical.

Bake parts, mount parts, solder parts, test assemblies, screw plastic parts
Box, truck, ship. Plenty of opportunity for delay.

No time  happy dance yet, but a big hurdle has been passed. Getting past
PreMp was important.

You saw how sausage is made.  


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On Thursday, 5. June 2008, steve wrote:
>  The latest update I have from the factory indicates that mass 
> Production ( that means running the SMT line without stopping to check 
> stuff every two
> seconds) has been CLEARED TO START.

Is this the mail I have been waiting for? :D

Second try without signature.

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