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Michele Renda michele.renda at
Fri Jun 6 23:17:49 CEST 2008

Carsten Haitzler (The Rasterman) wrote:
> no one ever said the freerunner would have anything but vga. i'm asking in
> general as we will make decisions of vga vs qvga vs god knows what other
> resolutions, screen sizes etc. over time in future devices. i want to know what
> people think! :)
Hi Rasterman. I am answering becouse I read that you want to know our
opinions :)
I never had Neo1973 but I will buy Freerunner when it will born.

I don't know the advantage of VGA vs a QVGA. To say the true I was on
Wikipedia to know that mean QVGA
> yup! much more like it - maybe not even gta03, maybe gta04/5/6 etc. but i want
> to know. convince me vga is incredibly more useful than qvga. convince me you
> all have amazing eyesight! :) i am doing this because i am trying to listen to
> the community and if given a choice - choose the right way based on what you
> guys think, but PLEASE, be practical, and honest. be honest with yourselves.
> this is not a "my screen is higher dpi than your screen" competition. it's
> about making a nice and usable device you want.
> if you ask for vga, but you really can't see the difference between qvga and
> vga, you're not being honest. you're just playing the spec numbers game.

To convince you I can only to make some question:

Why a lot of person spend a lot of money to change the phone in every
year? Why a lot of persons spend a lot of money to have the 2.0 MP cam
on their phone? When without a good optic all these MP are realy unused.

The reason is that every one want the "state of art". All must be
perfect. If a VGA is possible, if I have to choose between a QVGA and a
VGA I prefer VGA. Also if I know that I will not use it, or I will feel
the difference. It put me to feel better.

This is the human nature.

And this I think can explain all the flame about 3D acc, Umts, Led
current, etc.

Personally I'd like to have VGA resolution, because Freerunner will be
for me a portable PC (with a bluetooth keyboard), and because I see very
well from near, I'd like to have very definited details more than moving
content. For the rest I think OM enginer know what will be better.

This is my optnion
Michele Renda

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