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Simon Matthews s.matthews at
Sat Jun 7 08:25:30 CEST 2008

Hi Steve,

Firstly i would like to thank you and everyone at Openmoko for being so
open about the production process. As one who has been involved with the
design, manufacture and sales of electronic products for many years i
know how complex and frustrating it is to get product out the door, with
Murphy's law waiting at every turn!

It is a real breath of fresh air, especially in an industry which is
getting more and more closed and hard to deal with unless you are
talking in 100K+ quantities.

Now back to some of those frustrating details. So we can finalise our
group buy details could you please enlighten us on the following.

What courier companies/the postal service and shipping options (express
versus normal etc) will you be using to ship the phones (only UPS or
others as well?)

Will you be offering the option of having the shipments insured? Do you
know how much the insurance will cost. I can't find much information on
the UPS web site on insurance.

What payment options will you have.

Simon Matthews

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