Is case design changing for GTA03?

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Sun Jun 8 12:26:14 CEST 2008

2008/6/8 rakshat hooja <rakshat at>:
>> We also got a camera on GTA03.
>> cheers
>> jOERG
> Any specs of the camera. Please go for good quality optics and maybe 3x
> optical zoom (the neo is thick enough i guess :-) rather that higher mega
> pixels on a cheap sensor. Except for the SE K750/800/850i series and Nokia
> N95 series (and some Japanese phones like my Sharp 903) I have not seen a
> camera phone where the photos are usable when transfered to the computer or
> printed. In most cases the camera is just there to add a feature to feed the
> public coolness factor so the price can be increased.

My Nokia 6280 has a terrific 2 megapixel camera. Other that the
extremely wideangle lens, the pictures are of quality approaching my
Fuji s5500 in daylight.

I should comment about the earlier message regarding not including a
lanyard: I have drilled holes in past phones to attach lanyards. I
think that a lanyard on the bottom left of the phone (when the phone
is in the talk position on the ear) is essential. I certainly hope
that the GTA03 will either have a dedicated lanyard mount at that
position, or enough meat in the plastic to allow me to drill my own.

Dotan Cohen

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