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Sun Jun 8 18:03:04 CEST 2008

Am So  8. Juni 2008 schrieb Yorick Matthys:
> Does anybody know if the FreeRunner's case is adequatly scratch-resistant? 
(I'll post this question on the device-owner list)

It's like every of those mockup-rubber softtouch-surfaces: amazingly 
insensitive to small scratches, but especially on aged plastics (probably 
when the softener has evaporated partly over the times, tested for some GTA01 
case) you can eventually peel off the whole maybe 0.05mm thin coating with 
your fingernail by applying brute force, creating a e.g. 0.05x1.5x10mm bold 
So in some respect it's more sturdy than ordinary shiny plastic which gets 
dull by lots of microscopic scars very easy, in some respect the damage done 
to it is more severe when it ever happens (you probably couldn't scratch any 
other plastic, like the one found on the two outer 'rings' of Neo's case, 
with your fingernail).
I have a 15 year old sony scoopman with same kind of surface. It has been 
living in my pocket for ~10y 24/7/365, and still looks pretty good. It has 
one ~1.0x1.5mm scratch of the kind described above, and one corner got shiny, 
rest almost as new.

To use a screenprotector sounds like a good idea to me. Best way would be to 
remove the front lid (see wiki on how to do that) and place an oversized one 
directly on the LCM. You may use any type of protector that meets your taste 
and is large enough to cut it to fit.

Just my 2 €cent, YMMV
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